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Blue Speck with a Black Yoke

1950s inspired patterned men’s Gab jackets

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Product Description

Contrasted front facing yokes support this rebellious fitted jacket. Fully lined for outside pursuits and a secure traditional styled solid metal zip to keep warmth within. Structured shoulder pads add a strong masculine edge whilst the elasticated bottom side hems allow lots of comfort and space to dance freely. The cuffs are smartly joined together by some small buttons. The outside has a rough wool and polyester blended texture-sometimes dotted with detailed specks of fun and frantic colours.

“Saturday’s man at his handsome best! The dirty and flirty Bad Boys of the Rockabilly Jacket scene. Casual and smart, we have a selection of manly colours and textures including hound’s-tooth in black and white or black and brown or a simplistic yet sophisticated speckled colour collection.”

Doghouse Suggests:  Some sizzling shades or hair pomade to slick back all those loose hair ends.

Size and shape mention: 

I come in a huge variety of colours and patterns and in a full size range from 38-54*.

  • Colour? Blue speck with a black yoke.
  • Washing instructions?  Preferably the dry cleaners.
  • Where from? Lovingly made.
  • Specific fit features (belt, cinched waist) front facing patterned yokes and collars.
  • Style?Men’s gab jacket.
  • Material? Material blend.
  • Brand? The ‘Jack the Lad’ collection under the branch of DOGHOUSE VINTAGE.

*Please make extra sure that the correct size is chosen or is available in your colour to avoid confusion and disappointment. If you’re not sure please check with us by emailing 

This particular outfit has a different size chart compared to some of the newer items. Please see additional photos.

Additional Information


black-white-houndstooth, black-and-white-houndstooth-with-a-black-yoke, Black-and-white-houndstooth-full, black-speck-and-white-yoke, black-speck-and-black-yoke, plain-brown-speck, green-full-tartan, tartan-green-with-a-speck-yoke, tartan-green-with-a-brown-plain-yoke, black-and-yellow-speck-yoke, pink-speck-and-black-yoke, grey-speck-and-black-yoke, blue-speck-and-black-yoke, grey-black-and-white-tartan, plain-brown-fleck, grey-black-white-fleck-tartan,


38, 40, 42, 44, 50, 52