Good Brolly Miss Molly in Our Buddy


Mid-Century 1950s inspired umbrellas made exclusively for the Doghouse Vintage Brand.

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Product Description

A perfectly quaint 1940s/50s inspired umbrella that has a strong wooden handle. Continuing on from this is the sturdy steel fluted ribs of the umbrella, the solid structure is gracefully attached to the Doghouse Vintage material. Look out for them in three of our signature patterns: Ride’Em Cowboy, Our Buddy and Home Sweet Home. For an extra layer of sophistication the clasp that opens the umbrella has an automatic opening, so with a simple push of a small button everything should spring into action, come rain or shine!

“Throughout history accessories serve as the perfect flirting tool starting from the simple wave of a fan-suitors would come far and wide! However in this modern vintage century, we want to go a step further with the majestic Good Brolly Miss Molly Umbrella! Use it to hide away those 1950s doo woop song tears or cover yourself for late hugs and kisses. With an umbrella, you can hide away your fears and avoid those all to common dating misses!”

Doghouse Suggests: A warming Femme Fatale Coat.

  • Colour/Pattern? Our Buddy.
  • Where from? Made and designed exclusively for Doghouse Vintage.
  • Specific fit features? Auto opening release.
  • Style? Umbrella.
  • Material? Polyester mix.
  • Brand? The Doghouse Vintage collection.
  • Measurements? Ribs- 8k x 53cm.

*Please make extra sure that the correct colour is chosen or is available to avoid confusion and disappointment. If you’re not sure please check with us by emailing