Plain Black Saucy Sinner Sunglasses*


A pair of Plain Black Saucy Sinner Sunglasses from the Doghouse Vintage Brand.

100 in stock

Product Description

1950s inspired Mid-Century vintage sunglasses. A thick frame provides a strong sturdy hold! Stylized curved cat-eye shape with dark toned UV safe lens. Rests sit comfortably on the bridge of the nose to stop rubbing of the frame. A range of fantastic patterns are available including-Fuchsia tiger stripes, plain brown, plain black, Red metallic tiger stripes and Leopard Skin.

The perfect reasonably priced accessory for an outfit that is needed in a pinch! With such va-va-voom patterns, you can be pretty sure that they don’t play it by the book. A right pair of saucy sinners! Are you cool enough to wear them? Are you bad enough to own them? Well prove it you cheeky devil…”

Doghouse Suggests: These specs suit the heart, oval and square shaped faces the best!

  • Colour? Plain Black.
  • Washing instructions?  Clean gently with a glasses cloth.
  • Where from? Lovingly made.
  • Specific fit features (belt, cinched waist) Sturdy frames and UV safe lens.
  • Style? Cats Eye sunglasses.
  • Material? Plastic frame and lens.
  • Brand? The Doghouse Vintage collection.

*Please make extra sure that the correct colour is chosen or is available to avoid confusion and disappointment. If you’re not sure please check with us by emailing