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Ride ‘Em Cowboy (7 Metres)


A collection of fabrics inspired by vintage Mid-Century designs from the Doghouse Vintage Brand.

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Product Description

Tutti Frutti:

“Counting as one of you’re five a day this ‘tutti frutti’ little number is a healthy option for any of you cool cats and kittens out there!

wop-bop-a-loo-bop-a wop-bam-boo

With a real atomic feel this mid century marvel features fresh fruit in a fruity bowl, and floating apples all on a background of abstract grey artistic strokes.

If you’re a girl named Sue we’re sure you’ll know just what to do. Rock to the East and Rock to the West cause you’re the girl that we love best! ”

Tequila Sheila

“This afternoon forget the siesta and get ready for a fiesta but be warned! Tequila Sheila brings out the bad girl in you! Although it is the same strength as our other fabrics, it’s reputation goes a long way for wild carefree behaviour.

Our Tequila Sheila started life as a much loved scrap of patchwork quilt, adding to the mix a jolly little donkey, a napping goucho and my much loved ukulele. Bingo! not quite nine months later Tequila Sheila was born!

So dare to wear and be the next new red hot Mexican senorita. Where’s my sombrero? Isn’t the only question you’re special bandit has got on his lips tonight!!!”

Ride ‘Em Cowboy

“Hurry up with that lunch, cowboy Joe is starving! Said cowboy Billy setting up his cattle camp. Nestled amongst his chuckwagon and wonder horse, Joe thinks camping is great fun apart from the occasional wild boar and Buffalos!

You too will be happy as a cowgirl in this wild west inspired print, with a squeeze of an accordion and a tease of a campfire and a bucking bronco, prickly cacti-little is left to the imagination.”

Our Buddy

“Dedicated to Buddy Holly, no maybe baby about it. Our new dancer fabric will have you rocking in the isles!

We challenge you to curb your foot tapping tendencies in our brand new 1950s cool rock and roll print inspired by a favourite old 45 vinyl sleeve of Miss Molly’s

Adorned with colourful jiving couples, a bass player an old microphone and sunglasses. Oh Boy, out you go and ‘Rave on this crazy feeling.”

Home Sweet Home

“In a cartoon style that is highly distinctive, this fabric is inspired by my love of the iconic 1950s homemaker print. A regular, as seen on earthenware in many a household in the good old Doris days.

I will tell you a true story, my friend Paul said his Mam and Dad had a set of these and he was terrified of these plates when he was a child! 

My modern day version has immortalized a wonder of furniture from Miss Molly’s own front room. Never be bored again! Have a game of eye spy looking out for her floating bar, 1959 Rock Ola and her low maintenance pet poodle.

P.s. Come on Paul, face the fear!”


Doghouse Suggests:  Cutting and creating with these Mid-century inspired treats!

Pattern and shape mention*: 

I am part of a 5 pattern range from 1 to 15 metres**

  • Patterns? Tutti Frutti, Tequila Sheila, Ride ‘Em Cowboy, Our Buddy and Home Sweet Home!
  • Washing instructions? Machine wash and iron on a cotton/low setting.
  • Where from? Designed in England by Miss Molly.
  • Style? Mid-Century.
  • Material? Cotton Blend (97% cotton and 3% elastane)
  • Brand? Mid-Century fabrics under the branch of DOGHOUSE VINTAGE.
  • Measurements? 
  • Tutti Frutti: Width: 59 inches.
  • Tequila Sheila: Width: 59 inches.
  • Ride ‘Em Cowboy: Width: 57.5 inches.
  • Home Sweet Home: Width: 56 inches.
  • Our Buddy: Width: 58.5 inches

*Please make extra sure that the correct colour is chosen to avoid confusion and disappointment. If you’re not sure please check with us by emailing missmolly68@icloud.com.

 **Also email us if ordering batches over 15m and we’ll give you a discount. When ordering please specify how many metres you would like. 

The price is £14.00 per metre, please take note that however many metres that you order it will be one continuous strip of material and the price will increase per amount. 

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Fabric Metres

7m of Ride ‘Em Cowboy