The Bobby Darin Rockabilly Shirt


The Bobby Darin Rockabilly Shirt by Jack for Lad for the Doghouse Vintage Brand.

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The Bobby Darin Rockabilly Shirt

A fun and freaky 1950s reproduction men’s rockabilly short-sleeved shirt that is a tribute to the singer/songwriter Bobby Darin. With a sharp Pendleton styled collar and an inner shirt that angles down in a vertical line towards four buttons at the front. The sleeves have turned up rims whilst the back panel, at the bottom has a clean-cut outer lining. Above it there are two sets of sewn in buttons that add tailored creases along it. On the front there is a small pocket with a triangle detail that brings a strong kitsch flavor to the whole ensemble.

“Yes, I do agree that this shirt could be seen as a little bit kitsch, I don’t really see anything wrong about that though, it is better to be original than follow all the other jocks and nerds. So take a trip down to Las Vegas and show off a little in your Cadillac.”

Doghouse Suggests:  a pair of sunglasses or an eye patch if one so wishes!

Size and shape mention: 

I come in a full size range from 38-54*.

  • Colour? A white background with flecks and an insert with Home Sweet Home on.
  • Washing instructions? Machine washable.
  • Where from? Made in England.
  • Specific fit features? A Pendleton styled collar and tailored back panel.
  • Style? A rockabilly men’s shirt.
  • Material? Linen and cotton blend.
  • Brand? The ‘Jack the Lad’ collection under the branch of DOGHOUSE VINTAGE.

BRAND: The Bobby Darin rockabilly shirt is part of a new range as designed by the Doghouse Vintage Company for their Jack the Lad Collection. Each pattern is inspired by Vintage Mid-Century Patterns from the 1940s and the 1950s, adapted for modern men and women!

*Please make extra sure that the correct sizes/measurements are mentioned when ordering to avoid confusion and disappointment. If you’re not sure please check with us as soon as possible before you order by emailing