The Duane Eddy Bowling Shirt in Blue with Black, White and Yellow specks

The Duane Eddy Bowling Shirt by Jack for Lad for the Doghouse Vintage Brand.

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Product Description

The Duane Eddy Bowling Shirt in Blue with Black, White and Yellow specks

A fun and freaky 1950s reproduction men’s bowling shirt that is a tribute to the singer/songwriter Duane Eddy. Let us start off with a traditional 1950s collar; down from that there are three spread out buttons finished off by two final buttons on a secure strip across the front. There are two extra accommodating side sections on the bottom trim of the shirt. Two outer lined sleeves-one with a pocket that adds a nice little 1950s touch for all you rockabilly/Rocking enthusiasts!

“A shirt for when nothing should distract you in life apart from your music and the good times. Smart and sincere, the lone musician leads an inspirational path! Get your boogie on with ‘The Duane Eddy’ bowling shirt!” 

Doghouse Vintage suggests: a pair of sunglasses or a Jack the Lad Gab jacket.

 Size and Shape mention: I come in a full size range from 38-54 inches*.

  • Colour? Blue with Black, White and Yellow specks.
  • Washing instructions? Dry-Clean Only.
  • Where from? Made in England.
  • Specific fit features? Elasticated side panels and a cheeky sleeve pocket.
  • Style? A men’s Rock ‘N’ Roll bowling shirt.
  • Material? Rough Cotton blend.
  • Brand? The ‘Jack the Lad’ collection under the branch of DOGHOUSE VINTAGE.

BRAND: The Duane Eddy Bowling shirt is part of a new range as designed by the Doghouse Vintage Company for their Jack the Lad Collection. Each pattern is inspired by Vintage Mid-Century Patterns from the 1950s, adapted for modern men and women!

*Please contact us to check availability as we only have a few of these left now before you order by emailing or calling us on 07932 529 769 thanks