The Johnny Kidd Shirt


1950s inspired specked men’s Johnny Kidd Shirt.

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The Johnny Kidd Shirt

A hot rod rad as hell 1950s reproduction men’s rockabilly short sleeved shirt that is a tribute to the rock ‘n’ roll singer Johnny Kidd. With a traditional men’s 1950s collar that drops down into the centre that is initially closed by a loop and button, that is followed by a row of 5 buttons cut on a square side of fabric. There is black ribbing down the side panels in the most authentic of styling. On the front panel there are three pockets (two one side and one on the other.) The material has a gentle speckle that is reminiscent of mid-century atomic shirts of the 1950s! An inner back panel that adds an extra layer of tailoring. A fine shirt for fellas of a bigger shape, perfect for hiding that rockabelly tummy!

Quite the versatile piece that can be built up or dressed down as and when it is required! A shirt that already knows just how cool it is and ‘which will have you shaking all over’. 

Doghouse Suggests:  a pair of sunglasses or an eye patch if one so wishes!

Size and shape mention: 

I come in a full size range from 38-54*.

  • Colour? Light Grey with specks and black ribbing.
  • Washing instructions? Machine washable.
  • Where from? Made in England.
  • Specific fit features? Elasticated side panels and front facing pockets.
  • Style? Men’s rockabilly short sleeved shirt.
  • Material? Polyester blend.
  • Brand? The ‘Jack the Lad’ collection under the branch of DOGHOUSE VINTAGE.

BRAND: The Johnny Kidd rockabilly shirt is part of a new range as designed by the Doghouse Vintage Company for their Jack the Lad Collection. Each pattern is inspired by Vintage Mid-Century Patterns from the 1940s and the 1950s, adapted for modern men and women!

*Please make extra sure that the correct sizes/measurements are mentioned when ordering to avoid confusion and disappointment. If you’re not sure please check with us as soon as possible before you order by emailing





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38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54,


white with black sides,