The Turntable Tina Skirt in Ride ‘Em Cowboy


1950s inspired Rock ‘N’ Roll circle skirt for the Doghouse Vintage Brand.

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Product Description

An invisible zip is cleverly concealed within the many pleats of the circle skirt. Watch as the dress bellows, swishes and twirls. The extra percent of material allows for easy and quick flexibility on the Rock N’Roll Dance floor of any nightclub. The loose material also allows for little heat to be collected, whilst it slowly joins at the mid-waist for a simple fastened and tailored look. For an extra gentle glide there is a soft inner lining and in a cast selection of colours, you too can be as colourful as you feel!

“When the music starts a pumping, the foot starts a tapping and the emotions start a jumping-nothing can stop the fascinating energy of the Turntable Tina Circle Skirt! A dress that is equally pretty as it fast-paced!” 

Doghouse Suggests: Why not add the Hokey Cokey Petticoaty or some might fine stockings?

Pattern/Size and shape mention*: 

I come in Miss Molly’s personally designed mid-century inspired patterns and I am in a full size range from 8-24.

  • Colour/Pattern? Ride ‘Em Cowboy.
  • Washing Instructions? Either hand wash or dry clean. When drying-do not wring out.
  • Where from? Made in England and designed exclusively for Doghouse Vintage.
  • Specific fit features? Concealed zip and loose material.
  • Style? 1950s inspired Rock ‘N’ Roll circle skirt.
  • Material? Cotton Blend.
  • Brand? The Doghouse Vintage collection.

*Please make extra sure that the correct colour and size is chosen or is available to avoid confusion and disappointment. If you’re not sure please check with us by emailing

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Women's Sizes

8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24,